Friday, March 26, 2010

See Her Soon

Thank you Lord for the gift of my children for it is through them that I am SO often reminded of your delicate love for my family and I.
Today in the car, I was chatting away with Ava and asking her lots of questions (it's her favorite "game" other than Old McDonald!) like, "Are you my sweetie?" To which she replied, "Yes!"
"Are you my cutie?"
And then I said, "Are you my angel?" She of course said, "Yes!" I then said, "Well you know Ava, you have another angel too. Our angel Victoria is our angel in Heaven. " What Ava said next was so simple, and even though I tried to hold them back, I started to cry as I relished in the truth of what she said. Ava said, "Yeah, we will see her soon." :Sigh: Man, I just miss her so much and sometimes soon just isn't soon enough and I really struggle with that. I tried to carry on our little conversation some more, but my mind was filled with the words my sweet little 2 and a half year old poured into my heart. "We will see her soon." Thank you God for speaking to me through Ava! Thank you for reminding me to continue seeking eternity every day. For knowing my heart so well to send me that consolation that I will someday see Victoria again. I love you.


Anonymous said...

So beautiful Katherine! I definitely needed a reminder of Heaven today! Precious little Ava!!

Gabriel and Anna said...

I've missed your blog the last few weeks! I always find inspiration here. This is beautiful and made my heart just melt. Thanks for sharing this Katherine! Such a good reminder that we are made and destined for heaven..