Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pumpkin Patch!

This evening after Bobby got off from work, we took the kids to the pumpkin patch. We attempted to go this past Sunday, but it was a windy and drizzly day, so we had to bump it to today. The kids were beyond excited to go! Ava was insistent on picking more than one pumpkin and when I finally asked her why she wanted so many pumpkins, she told me it was because if she just has to pick one, then the fun will be over and we will have to leave. Aw! Sweet girl. I reassured her that we could stay and play for much longer than just picking out one pumpkin :) The kids made sure to pick out a baby pumpkin for Noah. Except he just wanted to throw it on the ground every time we handed it to him!
LOL! In this picture, Ava wanted to pretend to be a pumpkin! We were cracking up!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Let's try this again...

Ok, so let's try this again...I loved the idea of having a blog for our family, but somehow 15 months passed since my last post! I mean, I had a baby somewhere in between there! Craziness. So instead of trying to play catch up, I'm just gonna start from today :) Today was a family fun day! We started off with soccer pictures and soccer games. Since we are on a tight budget, we couldn't really afford to pay $20+ for a group photo...so I decided to sneak one in of my own. For Free! Wahoo!
And then on to the games...unfortunately today Ava and Lucas both played at the same time, so Bobby and I were constantly switching places, so we could cheer on both kids and see them both play. Lucas LOVES soccer and he plays the entire time. Ava on the other hand usually has some sort of ache or pain that prevents her from playing more than 3 minutes at a time :) It's ok that she doesn't love the sport, but we are pretty strict on the fact that we don't quit something in the middle and she needs to finish what she started. AND with a positive attitude. Usually once she gets a few touches on the ball, her demeanor shifts a little bit and she enjoys playing a little more.
Meanwhile, this little squishy face, melt my heart, will never cut your hair, sweet guy is just into everything!