Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Parents on the news

Since Victoria's death, my parents have become advocates in helping get the message out about the dangers of text messaging while driving. Fox news contacted my parents last week and interviewed them in light of a bill being proposed to make it illegal to text while driving in Georgia. My parents chuckled because after an hour long interview, they only showed about 5 seconds of what they shared, but that's ok, because the message still gets across! I am so proud of the strength of my mom and dad to be able to share about Victoria (over and over again- this is not the first time they have been interviewed since her death- even the Oprah show called my mom!) and help others learn from her accident. So don't text message and drive!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

My Cutie Little Babes!

So my new way to blog is "working out" in the cafe at the YMCA while my kiddos are in the nursery! Hehe! Bobby was like, "Are you sure you can do that?" I hope to type more later, but Bobby and I have a date night tonight, so I gotta get home and get ready! Just had to post these sweet pictures of Ava and Lucas. That is my dad in the first one. Lucas looks alot like him I think!