Saturday, October 16, 2010

FALL-ing in LOVE!!!!

As I am sure most of you do, we LOVE fall! I couldn't be happier while playing outside with Ava and Lucas in the evenings when Bobby gets home from work, going to lots of fall festivals, inviting friends over for campfires in our backyard, leaving our windows open as much as possible, and of course taking lots of pictures to remember it all by!
This fall weather has also been a wonderful remedy to the early weeks of my pregnancy. Fresh air and sunshine make me feel soo good!
Lucas is now 16mos old and Ava is 3 going on 16....
A few things about Lucas are that he LOVES (and I mean, LOVES) balls- he actually is impressing us in his ability to dribble a soccer ball around in our backyard. It's crazy. LOL, as I type this, Lucas just came up to me carrying a football, saying (in his most deep boy voice possible) "Ball, ball, ball!" He also loves remote controls and of course cell phones. We finally just took the batteries out of one of our remotes so he could play with it without changing the channel!
Ava is a doll, the most loving, challenging, maternal spit fire!~ hahaha. She really enjoys going to her new preschool where she is a peer model. She is mixed in a classroom with children with special needs, and she serves as a typically developing 3 yr old to demonstrate 3yr old behaviors. There are 8 children in her classroom- 4 peer models and 4 with special needs- most of which are mild autism. Bobby and I are honored that she gets to be a part of this program and interact with kids that she wouldn't normally get to interact with. They are her friends, and we love that.

This is the new game Bobby has created with the kids....they throw a ball up the stairs and then giggle hysterically while they watch it bounce all the way back's the little things! :)