Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Victoria Lane

The vote passed! Victoria now has her very own street named after her! "Victoria Lane" Love it! Also, please keep my parents in your prayers. My mom will be speaking at Woodstock High school's (where my sisters and I all went to high school and my mom teaches there) Ghost OUt this Friday. It is going to be so hard, but I know my mom will do a beautiful job.

Monday, April 27, 2009


I love how God continues to offer me little consolations every day of His love for me, my family, and sweet (and now, quite funny) Victoria even in her death. In the past month, ALOT has transpired regarding Victoria and remembering her in unique and special ways. Each event has brought mixed emotions- a few bring me laughter and some bring me uncertainty. I'll start with the funny ones.

-EVERY SINGLE DAY (except for maybe twice) I have seen at least one bright yellow Jeep wrangler at some point during the day. EVERY DAY. For those of you who don't know, my parents bought Vic a yellow Jeep Wrangler at the beginning of her senior year. It became her hallmark. EVERYONE knew Vic and her yellow Jeep. She LOVED her Jeep and was VERY protective of it- I secretly drove it once when she was out of town :) Unfortunately, her Jeep didn't survive the accident either, but I don't think we would have kept it regardless. Anyways, most days, spotting my yellow jeep for the day brings me a smile and warmth as I know that it is just a little bit of Vic sharing her love with me. And some days, I find my eyes burning with tears like now as I type this because I know that it is not her driving that darn Jeep. I was sharing this story with a dear friend of mine Kristi and she made me feel so good because she said that spotting a yellow Jeep every day is truly just for me because she almost never sees them. It just reaffirmed in my heart that Victoria is present in my life just as much as before- just in a different way now. And it makes me laugh too because it is SOO like Vic to be present to me by flashing a yellow Jeep in my daily life!

-Before getting her license, Vic rode her bike EVERYWHERE! She even rode her bike from my parent's neighborhood Deer Run all the way to Bobby and I's house in Eagle Glen when we used to live there (which is pretty far on a busy road!). Anyways, a close friend of our family Mr. Donnie/neighbor/mayor of Woodstock is holding a vote tonight to name the small road behind the CVS pharmacy & QT and next to La Parilla (her fav restaurant) "Victoria Lane" in her memory!! I love it! I know this must bring her a HUGE smile because she definitely rode many miles along this little road! Plus, this road connects all her "hot spots"- last minute trips to CVS for gum, school supplies, daily QT coffee, and weekly dinners at La Parilla with friends and family! I am curious to find out how many people show up to participate in this vote- I wish I could be there!

-Mass offerings- for the past 2 Sundays, our church St. Michael's has celebrated both Life Teen Masses at 5:30 for Victoria. How beautiful to continue to be surrounded by so much prayer for her and our family. We continue to be sustained by prayer.

-Seventeen Magazine winner Taylor Thompson. This awesome classmate of Victoria's was inspired after her death to enter a Seventeen magazine contest about safe teen driving in honor of Victoria. Well, she WON the entire contest! ;

-Ghost Out- This is one that I have mixed feelings about. Every year, all the local high schools hold an event called Ghost Out. I personally never went to it when I was in high school (not sure why...??) so I don't know exactly everything that goes on, but basically, the event is held right before Prom to promote safe driving. Well, this year my family has been asked to speak at the Ghost Out for Woodstock and Etowah High schools about Victoria's accident and a new theme is added this year-don't text while driving- it played a part in Vic's accident. One thing that has been asked of us is to allow a picture of her Jeep to be blown up and shown to the students. I don't know, but my gut says No. I just have mixed feelings about it. I miss Victoria so much, and I want her friends to remember Vic smiling joyfully in her bright yellow Jeep, rather than being exposed to an image of her smashed up Jeep the night she was killed.

I wish I had a pic of her and her Jeep to post here...I will have to search for one to add later.
Thank you Lord for the gift of Victoria in my life. I know sometimes I try to forgot that she is gone, but thank you for being so delicate with me when I have to remember. You love me in the small details, which are treasured gifts I hold close to my heart. I love you Victoria.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Easter Pics!

Easter 2009!
On Saturday night, we went to Bobby's parent's
 house and painted our Easter eggs! The bottom yellow one is supposed to say "Baby" :) for Ava's little brother or sister. 

 Ava & Mommy! 31 weeks and counting!!

While Bobby and my Dad were at the house hiding all the Easter eggs, Ava and I took Max (my parent's dog) on a MUCH TOO LONG walk....By the end of it, I was pushing an empty stroller, Ava was walking the wrong way home, and dragging Max behind! But be
fore all that, I did manage to capture this precious pic of Ava and her new pigtails!
Ava's 1st ever Easter Egg Hunt! She LOVED it!

Fillin' up her basket one speckled egg at a time!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

4 More Hours to Go....

Oh man, I am at work right now, it's 3:23am, and I still have 4 more hours to go till it's time to drive home sweet home! All my little patients are sleeping, which I guess is why I have time to type this post! I just finished emailing my all time FAVORITE teacher Mrs. Freund from elementary school whom Alex bumped into over the weekend while we were all home for Easter. It's interesting to see what highlights/memories come up in your life via email when you are trying to catch someone up over the past 3 years of your life- mine were moving to Frankin, Bobby, Ava, and Victoria.
Going home for Easter was wonderful! I can't WAIT to post pictures from Ava's 1st Easter Egg Hunt. Easter Sunday was a joyous day for all of us- we truly felt Victoria's warmth all around us as we reflected on the joy of the day-of Christ's resurrection and the eternal hope that His resurrection gives us- in a deeper, more profound way than ever now that we anxiously await drawing close to Victoria again someday! Dad even kept to tradition and Alex and I hunted down Easter eggs together in a race to find the "Golden Egg"...which had $20 inside! Despite getting hip blasted into the side of the house, I still lost and Alex found the Golden Egg first...hehehe...oh funny memories! My poor pregnant belly got smushed up against the house as Alex playfully shoved me aside to reach the egg before I could! We just laughed and laughed and it felt good. Ava quickly caught on and LOVED looking for her "eggies" and placing them in the basket! Funny story: most of Ava's eggs were simply laying in the grass or on top of plants where she could easily reach them and see them. This was NOT the case with Alex and I's eggs. Bobby and my dad BURIED several of them inside potted plants around the house outside, in car mufflers, inside electrical boxes, under rocks, etc. Well I guess Ava was watching us dig through dirt to find eggs, because once we got inside, I heard my mom and Alex laughing hysterically saying, "Katherine! Come see what Ava just did!", so I ran into the family room where they were and saw the following: dirt everywhere, a plant laying on the ground, and an empty pot! Ava had walked over to one of my mom's indoor small potted plants, grabbed the plant, and lifted it right out of the planter-dirt, roots and everything- and threw it on the floor looking for an easter egg!!! Again, we just laughed and laughed and loved every minute of it! Little Ava brings us so much joy!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ohhh my poor brain!

Hehehe, I cannot stop laughing about this one! Here is a line from an email I sent recently to a friend regarding some dates for a dinner. She sent it back to me with a chuckle.."Hey Kristi, the 20st & 21nd work best for us bc I have to work on Wed night the 22rd" Take a close look at the dates...HAHA! Pregnancy brain?? Seriously???
I showed it to Bobby, and he simply said, "Ohh babe..." :)
My mom and Alex were just in town over the weekend and we had a great visit, but it went by WAYY too fast! My mom pulled a classic Amy Heil though because within 3 hours of her visit, she had rearranged our entire apartment (at least told me what to do, but we didn't actually move any furniture- lucky for Bobby!), made a plan for when Ava should move to her big girl bed, and not only diagnosed, but prescribed treatment for Ava's ezcema! Hehehe, which is why I LOVE my mom. She loves to love me and continues to take care of me any way that she can. I love you Mom, even when you drive me crazy :)
We spent Saturday out and about in Franklin playing and shopping, but my body was really telling me to slow down that day. I think I was having lots of Braxton Hicks contractions and some pressure. One thing that has been different with this pregnancy is that my tummy feels SOO heavy at times. Bobby has been noticing me walking around in the evenings lately with my arms around my belly as if I am trying to hold it up. I guess my stomach muscles are just not as firm this time surprises there! haha. I have been able to work out fairly regularly on an elliptical machine for about 30-40 minutes at our YMCA up until today. I got on the machine today and only lasted about 3 minutes before my tummy felt so heavy and I had alot of pressure. Reluctantly (NOT!), I got off the elliptical and just walked on the treadmill for 20 minutes instead. Much easier and less pressure.
One of my new fav things about working out at the Y and using the nursery for Ava is that I bring all my toiletries there, shower and get ready for the day- hair, makeup, etc- all while Ava is enjoying herself in the nursery and I can get ready at my own pace in peace! My mom suggested this to me, and I am so glad she did because I have a feeling that there will be days after our new little baby-to-be is here that I will take them to the YMCA nursery JUST so I can shower for the day! hahaha!
This week is Holy Week, and I pray that I can live this week united with Christ as He prepares to suffer and die on the cross out of love for us. Lent has gone by so quickly, and my goal this week is to slow down and spend some quiet moments in prayer as we prepare to live Christ's passion, death, and resurrection with Him. I pray that I can remember to unite any sufferings I may endure to His most merciful heart. Bobby and I are really anticipating starting the Divine Mercy novena on Friday. My special intention is for sweet Victoria. I love you Vic. ps I secretly would love to have a baby girl just so we can name her after you! Addison Victoria. Thinking of you always.