Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ohhh my poor brain!

Hehehe, I cannot stop laughing about this one! Here is a line from an email I sent recently to a friend regarding some dates for a dinner. She sent it back to me with a chuckle.."Hey Kristi, the 20st & 21nd work best for us bc I have to work on Wed night the 22rd" Take a close look at the dates...HAHA! Pregnancy brain?? Seriously???
I showed it to Bobby, and he simply said, "Ohh babe..." :)
My mom and Alex were just in town over the weekend and we had a great visit, but it went by WAYY too fast! My mom pulled a classic Amy Heil though because within 3 hours of her visit, she had rearranged our entire apartment (at least told me what to do, but we didn't actually move any furniture- lucky for Bobby!), made a plan for when Ava should move to her big girl bed, and not only diagnosed, but prescribed treatment for Ava's ezcema! Hehehe, which is why I LOVE my mom. She loves to love me and continues to take care of me any way that she can. I love you Mom, even when you drive me crazy :)
We spent Saturday out and about in Franklin playing and shopping, but my body was really telling me to slow down that day. I think I was having lots of Braxton Hicks contractions and some pressure. One thing that has been different with this pregnancy is that my tummy feels SOO heavy at times. Bobby has been noticing me walking around in the evenings lately with my arms around my belly as if I am trying to hold it up. I guess my stomach muscles are just not as firm this time surprises there! haha. I have been able to work out fairly regularly on an elliptical machine for about 30-40 minutes at our YMCA up until today. I got on the machine today and only lasted about 3 minutes before my tummy felt so heavy and I had alot of pressure. Reluctantly (NOT!), I got off the elliptical and just walked on the treadmill for 20 minutes instead. Much easier and less pressure.
One of my new fav things about working out at the Y and using the nursery for Ava is that I bring all my toiletries there, shower and get ready for the day- hair, makeup, etc- all while Ava is enjoying herself in the nursery and I can get ready at my own pace in peace! My mom suggested this to me, and I am so glad she did because I have a feeling that there will be days after our new little baby-to-be is here that I will take them to the YMCA nursery JUST so I can shower for the day! hahaha!
This week is Holy Week, and I pray that I can live this week united with Christ as He prepares to suffer and die on the cross out of love for us. Lent has gone by so quickly, and my goal this week is to slow down and spend some quiet moments in prayer as we prepare to live Christ's passion, death, and resurrection with Him. I pray that I can remember to unite any sufferings I may endure to His most merciful heart. Bobby and I are really anticipating starting the Divine Mercy novena on Friday. My special intention is for sweet Victoria. I love you Vic. ps I secretly would love to have a baby girl just so we can name her after you! Addison Victoria. Thinking of you always.

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PAL!! you read my blog.. how fun, because I read yours. I got the fun background off of my sisters background its a website called
Hope you find something you like! Miss you girl, you need to tell me next time you come to Orlando!