Monday, April 27, 2009


I love how God continues to offer me little consolations every day of His love for me, my family, and sweet (and now, quite funny) Victoria even in her death. In the past month, ALOT has transpired regarding Victoria and remembering her in unique and special ways. Each event has brought mixed emotions- a few bring me laughter and some bring me uncertainty. I'll start with the funny ones.

-EVERY SINGLE DAY (except for maybe twice) I have seen at least one bright yellow Jeep wrangler at some point during the day. EVERY DAY. For those of you who don't know, my parents bought Vic a yellow Jeep Wrangler at the beginning of her senior year. It became her hallmark. EVERYONE knew Vic and her yellow Jeep. She LOVED her Jeep and was VERY protective of it- I secretly drove it once when she was out of town :) Unfortunately, her Jeep didn't survive the accident either, but I don't think we would have kept it regardless. Anyways, most days, spotting my yellow jeep for the day brings me a smile and warmth as I know that it is just a little bit of Vic sharing her love with me. And some days, I find my eyes burning with tears like now as I type this because I know that it is not her driving that darn Jeep. I was sharing this story with a dear friend of mine Kristi and she made me feel so good because she said that spotting a yellow Jeep every day is truly just for me because she almost never sees them. It just reaffirmed in my heart that Victoria is present in my life just as much as before- just in a different way now. And it makes me laugh too because it is SOO like Vic to be present to me by flashing a yellow Jeep in my daily life!

-Before getting her license, Vic rode her bike EVERYWHERE! She even rode her bike from my parent's neighborhood Deer Run all the way to Bobby and I's house in Eagle Glen when we used to live there (which is pretty far on a busy road!). Anyways, a close friend of our family Mr. Donnie/neighbor/mayor of Woodstock is holding a vote tonight to name the small road behind the CVS pharmacy & QT and next to La Parilla (her fav restaurant) "Victoria Lane" in her memory!! I love it! I know this must bring her a HUGE smile because she definitely rode many miles along this little road! Plus, this road connects all her "hot spots"- last minute trips to CVS for gum, school supplies, daily QT coffee, and weekly dinners at La Parilla with friends and family! I am curious to find out how many people show up to participate in this vote- I wish I could be there!

-Mass offerings- for the past 2 Sundays, our church St. Michael's has celebrated both Life Teen Masses at 5:30 for Victoria. How beautiful to continue to be surrounded by so much prayer for her and our family. We continue to be sustained by prayer.

-Seventeen Magazine winner Taylor Thompson. This awesome classmate of Victoria's was inspired after her death to enter a Seventeen magazine contest about safe teen driving in honor of Victoria. Well, she WON the entire contest! ;

-Ghost Out- This is one that I have mixed feelings about. Every year, all the local high schools hold an event called Ghost Out. I personally never went to it when I was in high school (not sure why...??) so I don't know exactly everything that goes on, but basically, the event is held right before Prom to promote safe driving. Well, this year my family has been asked to speak at the Ghost Out for Woodstock and Etowah High schools about Victoria's accident and a new theme is added this year-don't text while driving- it played a part in Vic's accident. One thing that has been asked of us is to allow a picture of her Jeep to be blown up and shown to the students. I don't know, but my gut says No. I just have mixed feelings about it. I miss Victoria so much, and I want her friends to remember Vic smiling joyfully in her bright yellow Jeep, rather than being exposed to an image of her smashed up Jeep the night she was killed.

I wish I had a pic of her and her Jeep to post here...I will have to search for one to add later.
Thank you Lord for the gift of Victoria in my life. I know sometimes I try to forgot that she is gone, but thank you for being so delicate with me when I have to remember. You love me in the small details, which are treasured gifts I hold close to my heart. I love you Victoria.


amy said...


thank you for sharing some God moments in your life and being so honest with your thoughts!

you are prayed for

Gabriel and Anna said...

I am amazed at your ability to share your deepest feelings and emotions with such grace and beauty. It is a gift God has given you that is for sure. I read this and it made me reflect yet again on the value of each person in my life and how God in his goodness has them all intertwined for our greater good. You as Victoria's sister are continuing to spread her joy and light that made her so unique, and inspire so many people to live in the present moment and not take anything for granted. I look at my new son and know that just these few days I had with him are a gift from God,and I am not guarunteed forever. Thanks for continuing to be the example of perseverence and joyful faith for us. Love and prayers, Anna