Saturday, April 25, 2009

Easter Pics!

Easter 2009!
On Saturday night, we went to Bobby's parent's
 house and painted our Easter eggs! The bottom yellow one is supposed to say "Baby" :) for Ava's little brother or sister. 

 Ava & Mommy! 31 weeks and counting!!

While Bobby and my Dad were at the house hiding all the Easter eggs, Ava and I took Max (my parent's dog) on a MUCH TOO LONG walk....By the end of it, I was pushing an empty stroller, Ava was walking the wrong way home, and dragging Max behind! But be
fore all that, I did manage to capture this precious pic of Ava and her new pigtails!
Ava's 1st ever Easter Egg Hunt! She LOVED it!

Fillin' up her basket one speckled egg at a time!

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