Wednesday, March 25, 2009


WE LOVE DISNEY! What a wonderful trip it was! I could not have survived being 6 and a half months pregnant and chasing after a 20 mo. old baby girl without Lindsey and Katie! We laughed together as we commented that we were the epitome of teamwork because every bus ride, carousel ride, Disney show, etc required fast hands and smiling faces as we would quickly pull Ava out of the stroller, gather our belongings and collapse the stroller within seconds! Katie and Lindsey became Pros at working her stroller! hahaha!
I would have to say that Ava's favorite part of the whole trip was her beloved balloon. Oh, she was soo cute with that balloon. I got it for her ($10!) on Saturday afternoon as we arrived to Magic Kingdom and I would say that she pretty much only let go of it willingly for her carousel ride! We have great pics of her napping in her stroller with her "nigh nigh" bear in one hand and her balloon in the other! We had the joy of giving it away to another little girl on Sunday afternoon while Ava was napping and had momentarily let go of it in her sleep. I wish we could have taken it home on the airplane as the ULTIMATE souvenir, but we just couldn't. She woke up from her nap and luckily didn't remember it...until we saw another one as we were leaving the hotel...immediately she cried, "ballooooon!!"...Lindsey, Katie, and I looked at each other like, "uh-oh..." but fortunately she got distracted by something else quickly after.
I am so grateful for Lindsey and Katie because they captured some GREAT pics of all of us at Disney-especially Ava! I hope to post them soon! It was so wonderful to spend time with my best girlfriends, and I was so happy that we had Ava with us. At one point I considered leaving her at home with Bobby, because we each miss her so much when she is away from either of us, but I knew I just couldn't let her miss out on this Disney trip!

Baby #2 Update: I am 27 wks pregnant, so by the weekend I will officially be 7 months pregnant! I am getting more anxious by the week to hold our new tiny baby. Ava seems to LOVE babies and gets so excited to see them in person or on TV...I just have not been able to tell how much she will love them in Mommy or Daddy's arms...we might need to practice that in the next few months which shouldn't be too hard since 4 of my girlfriends are having babies between now and May! One thing that has been a little different lately is my abdomen is really tender in certain areas-mainly toward the left side by my belly button. I notice the baby kicking there often, so I wonder if I am just sore from all the soccer kicks I am receiving to that area! haha!

Life update: I love BObby :) I am at work right now and it's 2:45 am, and I am just reflecting over all the fun we have had together as a family these past few days, and it just makes me realize what a wonderful man, father, and husband he is. He is so fulfilled by being the provider and protector for Ava and I. He is SOO loving and gracious in the way he loves us. Bobby and I gave a talk this past weekend for a Three to GEt Married engaged couples retreat, and we gave it together, but I was so proud standing next to my husband watching him speak about "The Early Years of Marriage"-that was the topic of our talk. We shared all about our ups and downs in our first 2.5 yrs of being married, and we realized that we have learned ALOT! From how to share our beloved oatmeal cookies to which way we will hang our towels in the bathroom! Hehehe! The past few days have been so beautiful and warm outside, so we have had 2 picnics, 2 bike rides (Bobby took Ava on a special daddy-daughter bike ride tonight just the 2 of them after I left for work :) ), and a swim in the indoor pool at the YMCA...and oh my gosh, Ava is a fish! Bobby and I laughed out loud as we tried to keep our arms around Ava- I swear she thinks she can already swim! It was all we could do to hold her because she kept trying to wiggle out of our arms! We quickly decided that next time we will definitely have little floaties for her arms at least!

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