Monday, March 1, 2010


Ok Vic, you got me! After the bright yellow Jeep wranglers comes the number 52. It was her favorite number, and we even incorporated it into her funeral which began at 10:52am- a silly detail that simply provided my family a glimpse of laughter that day. Anyways, I no longer see the jeeps as much, but now I cannot escape the number 52 (not that I am trying by any means!) I wish I could type and explain every random occasion this number has popped up for me, but it sure does make me smile every time. Like "52 ways to lose weight this year", or calling her cell phone just to hear her voice on her voicemail and realizing I called her at 9:52pm, or printing off the Christmas in Heaven poem for my friends at 10:52am or noticing my friend Lauri's son's little sweater has the number 52 on it (which she then gave to me- so thoughtful!). There are sooo many more, and maybe I will try to post them here and there, but I just had to share this fun little fact going on in my life right now!
And yes, Branden and Lauri- I promise I will make a collage of them!

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life happens. love helps. said...


I did not know Victoria, but I remember seeing her in passing many times. I have such a vivid picture of the last time I saw her. It was at an away WHS football game in the fall of 2008. As soon as halftime started, I noticed that most of the cheerleaders went off to the concession stand or to talk to friends. I watched as Victoria instantly climbed the bleachers to visit with your parents who were sitting a few rows behind me. I remember smiling and thinking "What a sweet family."

I follow your blog, and I find your sweet stories about Victoria and your adorable family a blessing. I pray for you and your family, and I am amazed at what a blessing you continue to be through your loss.

One day I was driving and just having a "whoa is me" kinda day. There was no one on the road except me for a while until I passed a yellow jeep. For some reason I just smiled and had a sense of peace about my day that wasn't so bad after all. I knew that was God sending an angel to remind me how blessed I am.

I thought I should tell you too...when I clicked on 'comments' I happened to look at the clock on my computer. 1:52pm. Thank you for sharing your angel, Katherine.