Thursday, March 18, 2010


Well, I did it! A few weekends ago, I FINALLY was able to surprise my terribly-difficult-to-surprise husband! (Which is usually my fault because I usually accidentally spoil the surprise!) With the help of our wonderful friends, I threw him a SURPRISE 30th birthday party! I really got him too! He had noooo idea. I told him we were going out to dinner with our friends Branden and Lauri that night, so when we went to pick them up, he had no idea there was going to be a housefull of our dearest friends waiting for him inside. Since we are in an apartment right now, Branden and Lauri were so kind to let me use their house for the party. The theme was a "Dip party". Bobby has always had this idea of having a dip party where everyone comes and brings their favorite dip- cheese dip, spinach dip, hummus, veggie dip, etc etc. So he was extra thrilled when he realized he was finally getting to have his "Dip party" and of course we had to play the song "Da Dip"- you know, "When I dip, you dip, we dip!" :)
We all had the best time, and it was definitely a birthday to remember. I love you Bobby!

In every picture, I am just beaming...hahaha. I was sooo happy to surprise Bobby like this. It made me feel so good to pull something like that off for him because he is such a wonderful and loving husband and one of his favorite things is spending time with our friends. :)


Anonymous said...

AWWWW LOVE the pics!!! It makes me sad all over again that I missed it! I'm so happy you got to surprise him, though!!

amy said...

How fun!!!