Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Our Night Owl...

Ohh Lucas, I do love you with ALL my heart, but must you wake up so much at night?? Like 3-5 times at night?? At least you are so charming and heart melting during the day that we quickly forget what a stinker you are at night! I mean, when you smile your big gummy smile at me in the morning and giggle your oh-so-infectious little laugh, how can I think about how ridiculously strong you are in the middle of the night when you arch your back and scream while I am trying to change your diaper and button the 5 darn buttons at the bottom of your pajamas?!

To say that we have tried most everything to aid you in creating a normal human sleeping routine at night would be an understatement. We lay you down awake with your passy and lovie after making sure your tummy is nice and full (but not too full because then you are grouchy and puke on us!) . Your daddy and I sing to you and kiss you and you fall asleep on your own. But for some reason, after about 2-3 hours, you wake up unable to find your passy (or the 3 other ones we have placed in there with you hoping that you WILL find it!). Usually after that, you wake up again about 1-2 hours later, but this time you put up a fight. You have even cried for 45 minutes straight once and STILL wanted our lovin' in the wee hours of the morning. Ohh Lucas, my sweet blue eyed little boy, you are so wonderfully made...but can you PLEASE reconsider your desire to sleep?? Your mommy and daddy will be so happy if you do.

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