Friday, April 16, 2010

Our little Little Guy

Sweet's official: You are little! Ever since Lucas was about 3 months old, Bobby and I always found ourselves calling him our "little guy". At each of his check ups -3mo,6mo, and now 9mo- he was always measuring in on the small side and slowly decreasing in his percentiles, but at his most recent 9mo check up, it was time for an intervention. Poor guy officially "fell off" the growth curve measuring in at the 3rd percentile for height and <3%>

I continued to nurse him for a few weeks (which he was pretty much totally disinterested in) and would give him a 4-5oz bottle afterwards, which he almost always gulped down (geez louise...). I wasn't really ready to stop nursing, but Lucas clearly was. So ANYWAYS, we go back for a weight check next week, and according to our scales at home, he is definitely gaining weight- maybe almost 2lbs this month! I will post back with an update. In the meantime, it has been fun to come up with creative ways to fatten him up- doughnuts, pizza, icecream, reese's-hahhaa jk! He does eat alot of mashed avacados though! And I mix coconut oil-a really healthy source of fat- in almost all of his baby food. I hope it works!

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