Thursday, April 29, 2010

Oh Happy Day!!

My sister Alex comes home from South Africa on Saturday!!! And oh my goodness, I cannot WAIT! I have missed her so much. Losing Victoria has really made me treasure my friendship and love with Alex. She is such an amazing young woman, and my family and I are soo proud of her hard work during her student teaching in South Africa. She has been there since January. We got to see her briefly over Easter which was bittersweet. She came in town for her fiance Tyler's little brother's funeral. It was so wonderful to see her, but our hearts were broken at Ross' passing away. It is amazing to ponder that in all of time, God destined Alex and Tyler to be united in marriage and He knew the bond they would one day share in losing their younger siblings. It will be a cross they will bear together that will strengthen their marriage in the best and worst of times. We do find peace and consolation as we ponder at times the laughter and friendship Ross and Victoria must share in Heaven as they were friends here on earth as well.

I have been working on little t-shirts for Ava and Lucas to wear when we pick up Alex from the airport with my parents. Instead of making a big welcome home banner, my kids are going to be the banner with the shirts I am making! I will post pics soon!
As I type this, my heart is just beaming with excitement at spending the next week at home with my sister and parents. I am so grateful for our bond as sisters, and when we are together, it is as if Victoria is right there with us as we share stories and memories with one another. I love you Victoria. I miss you so. You are in my heart always, and I look forward to the extra closeness we will all feel on Saturday as you join us in our homecoming for Alex!

Here is a link to the blog Alex kept while in South Africa. Some of her stories are so interesting!

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