Monday, May 18, 2009

Told You!

Ok, so today I just had to take a picture to show you all that I really do see a yellow Jeep EVERYDAY! Today was extra special because this one followed me for a couple of miles and kept turning on the same roads as me. I loved every second of it with a bittersweet joy. Finally the driver pulled up next to me and I was able to snap a quick picture on my phone of my jeep for the day :) I love how Victoria is loving me in this way! Because yeah seeing one every once in a while would probably be just because I am paying attention to actually notice them, but considering I have seen one pretty much EVERYDAY since she died, I have to admit there must be a little supernatural love at work here. I miss you Vic. 

Hehehe, on another note, this picture is of Ava at Mom's school when we came in town to visit her a while back. I came across it when I was looking through pics on my cell phone. She's already got the mouse figured out and everything! Too funny!


Brooke said...

That yellow jeep recurrence is SO cool... so God. My cousin, Ashley, died in a car accident when she was 15 (almost 8 years ago)...we were really close. After her funeral there was one of those really bright, yellow butterflies following me for forever.... she loved yellow. Anyhow, still to this day, everytime I see one of those, I think of her! Pretty cool. How are you feeling? You're getting close!! Have a good day!

Kristi said...

Katherine, I don't know if I have ever seen a yellow jeep. This is amazing to me. It's one of those exceptional simple ways God is consoling you. No such thing as a coincidence when faith is involved. We will continue to pray for consolation for you and your family. Love you.

Anonymous said...

That happens to me with Superman all the time! And I just laugh cause I know its God telling me something too! And I think it is God with you too because Kat I rarely see Yellow Jeeps! So thats AWESOME! The song is GREAT TOO!