Sunday, May 3, 2009

Double Bummer!

Well, it was a rainy weekend for us here in Franklin, and I think Bobby and Ava went stir crazy...I was the lucky one to get out of the house not only for a pedicure on Saturday, but also to help host a baby shower for one of my best friends Kristi! It was tons of fun, and I am soo excited for their 1st baby to arrive later this month! It is definitely baby season because I think I can count about 14 beautiful moms who are having babies between now and October!
So the first bummer was that it rained SOO much this weekend and today all we could come up with to do was go to Walmart and sleep! hahaha! Luckily Ava surprised us with a 3 hour nap, so Bobby and I both got some rest which was especially nice for me since I am working tonight.

The double bummer was for the first time with this pregnancy I was asked if I was having twins! Haha! One of my patient's moms asked me! I sweetly replied, "No, but sometimes I feel like it!" which was honestly a lie because I am so grateful for how good I have been feeling even up to this point at 33 weeks!

Today started out a bit stressful because we barely made it on time to Mass this morning at 8:30am and then asked the usher to seat us as close to the front as possible because we are really wanting to keep Ava with us during Mass so we can teach her about Jesus and allow her to see all the beautiful parts of the Mass. We realized that when we sit in the middle or the back, Ava simply sees a sea of people and is more prone to wandering around, fussing, etc, but when we sit right in front, she is able to see the priest, the altar servers, the crucifix, etc and pays a little bit more attention as we whisper in her ear how much Jesus loves her and we point to Him on the cross. Well, this morning didn't go so well and she was so unsettled and kept pulling EVERYTHING out of my purse searching for "eat, eat" aka snacks...Bobby is so patient with her and kept "barracading" her in our pew with his leg, but I was feeling the tension rise in me, and I hated that because I love going to Church and seeking that time of prayer and peace...not so easy with missy Ava! But I pray that the effort we are making to have her there with us adds to the graces received and I know it definitely increases my patience and helps me with my humility...
The day ended well because Bobby and I are always making bets for different things and tonight I won a foot massage! hehehe! A little "obsession" of Bobby's is timing EVERYTHING- especially stop lights- so today on our way home from WalMart, we made a bet of how much time we would spend waiting at red lights before we got home. My guess was 1 min. and 10 seconds- he guessed 2 min and 20 seconds! The total time was 1 min and 2 seconds, so I won! Oh the little joys in our life- especially on a rainy day :)


Shannon said...

Katherine, I love reading your blog! Your "little moments" always bring a smile to my face! I know that God sees every effort you and Bobby are making to show Him to Ava and he will reward all of you for it! I pray that He continues to bless you, Bobby, Ava, and the little one on the way. Please continue updating; it's a way to continue to feel connected to my friend so many miles away! Miss you!

Anonymous said...

I second that! I love reading your blog! Sometimes I think we have the same brain...scary, for you, I know!! But, we are going through the same thing with Gabe (and now Gianna) at mass. We are determined to keep them in there with us & teach them about the liturgy & start developing their love for the mass. But, it seems to be hit or miss these days! Hang in there & know that you're not alone!! ;)