Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What We Do Around Here!

We have had lots of fun enjoying Franklin and Nashville. Bobby had a great idea that I should start posting some of our favorite outings, so when you come visit, we can take you there! (Can you tell I am trying to come up with things to pass the time! Our due date is just 3 days away!)

This past Saturday-just one week shy of my due date (!), we ate breakfast at the Loveless Cafe with our friends Mike and Jen and their little girl Addie. Isn't Addie ADORABLE? Check out that grin! The Loveless Cafe was an old motel that they converted into a restaurant and shops. So cute and really yummy!!

On Sunday, we went to our favorite local park called Crockett Park. Every week, they have live music and people come with chairs and dinner and the kids run around and play. It's WONDERFUL! This week was an Eagle's Tribute Band. We had a great time!Ava & Mommy...39 weeks pregnant!
And well, this is just Ava and Bobby being themselves when they are together: Goofy! Ava put on Daddy's goggles and Daddy put on Ava's "eyes"!


Krista said...

Aw! I love it! :) I can't believe you're only 3 days away from your due date! It's also 3 days away from Isaiah's Birthday!!!!! Woah! Time FLIES!!!!! I can't wait to hear that you've had your precious little baby! (And to see what he/she looks like!!) :)

Anonymous said...

OH Yeah...Loveless Cafe...the BISCUITS are what it is all about!!! Buy the mix at the store! Did you know that the owner has been on MARTHA teaching her how to make fried chicken and biscuits?? Do not plan on counting calories at the Loveless! I voted! ADDISON VICTORIA...just thinkin...but SO looking forward to hearing about that new bundle of joy! Thanks for waiting till I get home...ha ha! GBY, Laura