Sunday, June 14, 2009

Our Maternity Pictures!

About 2 weeks ago, our good friend Jamie Wright, a professional photographer, took some maternity/family pictures for us. They turned out so great! We are really grateful to have these beautiful family pictures to place in our home. As usual though, Ava stole the show with her cute little pigtails and charming smile! These are a few of our favorites.

My due date is on Saturday...just 6 days away...but I am secretly hoping to not make it that far, but honestly, deep down I think I will go past my due date...unless I choke down some castor oil! I have had so many woman tell me to just try it. Even one of the nurses at the hospital where we will be delivering the baby told me to. We went there yesterday to tour the labor and delivery ward and as we were leaving she said, "Well just go home and drink some castor oil and we will see you again in a few hours!!" I don't know, I just don't think I can bring myself to do least not today, or tomorrow. Maybe Wednesday :) Since I was induced with Ava, I missed out on the whole laboring at home, timing contractions experience and I kinda want to know what that is like-despite my impatience and temptations by my Dr. to schedule an induction, which is really just easier on their schedule and not necessarily in the best interests of me or baby!
So the wait continues...
Oh, and one more thing, I have the most wonderful and thoughtful husband. It seems as though he is never outdone in generosity, and he is so quick to think of ways to bring joy and help to others. I love him so much. There are many examples I could list, but I will just mention one today:
Yesterday we were preparing dinner for our friends Kristi and Patrick who were coming over with their sweet new baby Gabriel. We were going to grill hamburgers by the pool and then go swimming. Well in the middle of our preparations, I just happened to go outside to my car to get Ava's sippy cup and met a new neighbor that was moving in. He was unloading his U-Haul all by himself and then his wife came down the stairs holding their 7 week old baby. We chatted for a few minutes, and then I came back inside our apartment and mentioned excitedly how I just met our new neighbors that have a little baby boy and an 18mo old little girl- a new playmate for Ava. Immediately Bobby stopped working on the burgers and ran outside to introduce himself and finally after about 20 minutes of wondering what he was doing, I went outside to find that he had finished helping Josh (the husband) completely unload the UHaul! He was all sweaty and tired, but my heart just swelled with love for him by his simple act of not thinking twice about adjusting our plans to help a stranger- strangers who are now our new great friends! They even so kindly gave us a big box of newborn diapers that their little boy had already outgrown! So nice! LeAnn (the wife) and I are really looking forward to spending time together since our 2 children will be so close in age. We laughed about how hopefully our girls will occupy each other, so we can nurse our babies without them climbing all over us! Anyways, just wanted to take a minute to brag on Bobby and share some of what makes him so wonderful as a father and husband. I love you Bobby.

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