Monday, June 8, 2009

More Pics from our weekend in Atlanta!

Ohhhh my...First boat ride of the summer May 29...water- still cold. Swimsuit- forgot it. Swim diaper- nah. Go for a swim with Papa?- OF COURSE!!
Ava quickly realized that she did NOT want to be in lake. She was so cute, but so cold! I loved being able to pull her out of the water and cuddle her on the boat. Love it. What you can't see in this picture is my uncle Matt driving the boat trying to get Ava to give us her best rock star face...not too bad!
Ava loves to play dress up with her new headbands- just like Mommy :)
37 weeks. May 31st. Ok, so clearly I must love this yellow shirt, because it seems it is the same one I am wearing in all these recent pictures! And I have a great future brother-in-law...he sure knows how to make a 9mos prego girl feel good! I look small compared to him!
Hahhaa- thanks Tyler :)
Nice. And Alex, doesn't this picture remind you of the one Mom took with her brothers when she was pregnant with one of us? So funny!
Nice "belly button" Tyler. Ava was a bit concerned...

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