Wednesday, October 28, 2009

All About Ava!

This post is inspired by some of my friends who have cleverly used their blog as a way to "keep up" with our kids' baby books without actually writing in them...for now! The idea of sitting down at home and jotting down all these memories with cute colored pens in pretty handwriting while bouncing Lucas in my lap just sounds disastrous! Hahaha! But typing them up on my blog while I sit in my workout clothes at the YMCA while the little ones are in the nursery- Perfect! So this one is for you my sweet Ava.

You are 2 years and 3 months old, and you are a wild child. You love your passy and nigh nigh bear despite how hard I am trying to only let you have them at bedtime and naptime. You love to "kulor" in your Elmo coloring book. You LOVE Dora and Boots and cry when Tv time is over. You give the best kisses...when you want to. You have light blonde hair that is getting a bit unruly but luckily you let me put it in "piggies" so I can see your pretty brown eyes. You love avocados, but hate pretty much every other veggie...You like to sit on the potty even though you never pee in it. You LOVE Lucas. You especially love it when I put him in your crib with you and you pretend he is your baby. I brush your teeth when you take your bath at night. You think that's silly. You LOVE to play "I'm gonna getchu!" with Daddy and squeal with delight when he chases you around the apartment. You like to brush my hair. You and your friend Gavin are the biggest trouble makers when the two of you are together, but secretly I love your little mischievous side! You love "Palmey" and you are teaching each other how to share...painfully sometimes for your mommies! You do not like your hands to be dirty. You love to play the silly faces game with me. You like to try to give Lucas your passy. and your sippy. and your food...You love to dance. You know that when we go to Church, we are going to spend time in prayer because when we pull in the parking lot, you tell me that we are going to see "Geesus". You are not pottytrained. You still sleep in your crib (thank goodness!) and you take 3 hour naps. I'm still not sure if you sleep the whole time, because sometimes I peek in at you and you are standing in your crib looking through your blinds out the window or you are reading a book. Ava, your Daddy and I love you so much. You make me crazy sometimes, but when you lay your head on my shoulder at night as I sing our prayers to you, I melt against your sweet face.

Here a few of my favorite videos of Ava as well:

Ava didn't learn to crawl until she was about 8mos old. She was getting close in this video when she was 7mos old and it was so darn cute to watch her try!

Ava LOVES to play Peek-A-Boo and of course boxes provide tons of entertainment!


Anonymous said...

Too precious!!! I love how she dances at the end and points at all her peeps!!! ;)

Anna Liesemeyer said...

Katherine this is so great. I loved seeing those vids!