Saturday, September 5, 2009

Table Dancing Already??

Hehehe! Ava is soo sneaky! She is beginning to learn that while I am nursing Lucas, she has a bit more freedom to get into today while I was feeding the baby, I heard her playing behind me near her highchair. All of a sudden, I hear her saying loudly, "Dance Dance dance!" I turn around and she has managed to climb on top of our kitchen table and is dancing with her "crazy feet" like a wild child! I tried hard to be serious as I told her to get down, but I couldn't keep a straight face as I watched my 2 year old dance on our kitchen table.
This video is not of Ava dancing on tables, but she does love to dance! This is a video of Ava and her friend Palmer gettin' down with their wild side! -You will have to mute the music that plays on my blog (scroll to the very bottom and hit pause) in order to hear the music in the video.

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Anonymous said...

HAAAA!! That is too cute! I think she did some of the same moves this morning at Whole Foods....the hands on the knees is my favorite!!