Saturday, February 13, 2010

Rite of Passage! :)

Sooo...I drive a minivan now...

Bobby and I have been talking about this purchase for a while now. In fact, when we bought our Mitsubishi Montero SUV a year ago, Bobby was pushing for us to look at vans, but I said, "No way Jose!" My argument was that I was only 24 and pregnant with our 2nd baby. Well, well well. Fast forward 6 months, 2 babies, and one too many roadtrips with me squeezed in the backseat like a sardine in between two carseats, and well, we are now the proud owners of a 2004 burgundy Toyota Sienna! It must have been meant to be that we got it because I have been looking at vans on craigslist for a while now. I really wanted one that was a 2003 or higher model and the best perk would be a DVD player, but it would not have been a deal breaker. Our budget was $9,000 and so we were having a tough time finding one in that price range.

One day Bobby came across one that we both really liked. It was a 2004, had a DVD player, one owner, and in great condition! And it was only $7500! The only con was the mileage: 144K. Bobby talked to the guy, and we got to know him and he was so excited when he learned that Bobby worked for Dave Ramsey. And it turned out that his wife works at the same hospital as me. Anyways, we started to feel comfortable with this family that we were potential buyers for. BUT we still needed to sell my Montero in order to pay cash for the van. So last Saturday, we took a few pics of the Montero and listed them on Craigslist. No joke, within 7 minutes, we had received 3 emails and one phone call asking about the car. We sold it the next day!! Not only that, we sold it for $150 more than we paid for it a year ago! Craziness!

After the whirlwind of selling our Montero so quickly, we called the Sienna guy and the van was still available. We talked about it and prayed about it and bought it! As much as I was so not into driving a van 1 year ago, I really do like it. It was a major rite of passage for me!Not to mention, it's a tremendous blessing that we were even able to find it at just the right time for our family.

So that's it. A nice long blog about our "new" minivan!
Lucas felt like such a big boy in Ava's carseat! Not yet little guy!


Anonymous said...

Oh, Katherine! I'm afraid I'm not too far behind you with the minivan right of passage!! I've been in denial for a long time, but the closer we get to a third child, the closer I get to the reality of me becoming a "minivan mom"!!

Gabriel and Anna said...

woo hoo! you are a real mom now!! I now wouldn't mind driving one....for now I will enjoy our Hyundai Santa Fe.

When it comes down to it...keeping up with the world's stereotypes is exhausting. Its much more fun and easier to do your own thing! :D

Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.

Anonymous said...

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